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Cybersecurity; Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy?

What's to stop these cybersecurity companies from creating cybersecurity threats in order to perpetuate and sustain their own ventures?... I'm just paranoid you may say. But when a company invests so heavily in an industry it's not uncommon for them to create the problems and charge you to fix it. They call it; " doing whatever it takes to be successful" and if being successful means creating fear...
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Who will watch the watchers?

Billions of connected devices translate into an enormous amount of data points AKA "big data". If IoT equals Big Data? And Big Data needs to be processed analyzed and used hopefully for something positive... Then we need full transparency into the entities that are crunching the numbers and disseminating the data points. "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?" (Who will watch the watchers?) A Latin phr...
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Could NanoCrystals provide free power for the world?

Could NanoCrystals provide free power for the world? Nikola Tesla is a name of genius, the radical inventor who created the alternating current system that has powered the world over the last century. But Tesla himself said his greatest mistake was in having TWO ideas of profound genius. He made electrical systems possible, but he didn’t count on the greed of man and lust for control. While Ediso...
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OpenBazaar – Decentralized Block-chain Marketplace.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=531&v=Z5F0Ohet0co The mission of OpenBazaar is to give everyone in the world "the ability to directly engage in trade with anyone in the world for free," says Brian Hoffman, the project's 33-year-old project leader. A peer-to-peer network for selling goods online, OpenBazaar runs on open source software that users download and install on their com...
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Why PC Based DVRs are more trouble than you think-

Can I use a PC as my DVR? You're probably saying to yourself, "I've got a spare PC and a bunch of hard drives sitting around, why spend the money on a separate recording unit, why not just use what I already have?" You think you'll save money by using a PC based DVR, but you won't. There are two types of cameras that can be recorded with a PC - standard definition (analog) cameras that co...
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