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Is “Azure Sphere” The Future Of IoT?

Microsoft Positions Itself for The IoT future with "Azure Sphere" https://youtu.be/iiDF26HNh-Y Microsoft's highly-secured end-to-end solution for connected microcontroller-powered devices. Azure Sphere is a new technology to protect the processors that power smart appliances, connected toys, and other gadgets. Azure Sphere is powered in large part by Linux, a free operating system that Micro...
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Could NanoCrystals provide free power for the world?

Could NanoCrystals provide free power for the world? Nikola Tesla is a name of genius, the radical inventor who created the alternating current system that has powered the world over the last century. But Tesla himself said his greatest mistake was in having TWO ideas of profound genius. He made electrical systems possible, but he didn’t count on the greed of man and lust for control. While Ediso...
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Big Data & Leveraging The IoT Of Light

Over the next few years, millions of lights will be converted to LED technology and with an average lifespan of more than 10 years, your choice of luminaires carries a long-lasting impact. Luminaires and devices enabled with Atrius from Acuity Brands lay the track for a powerful, connected infrastructure, making it the ideal platform to enable the Internet of Things (IoT). https://youtu.be/7qm-...
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Ubuntu for the Internet of Things

From home control to drones, robots and industrial systems, Ubuntu Core provides robust security, app stores and reliable updates. Ubuntu makes development easy, and snap packages make Ubuntu Core secure and reliable for widely distributed devices. Digital signage A small footprint and full OpenGL with reliable updates across a diverse range of hardware make Ubuntu Core a perfect platform fo...
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The Equitable Internet Initiative

What is E.I.I? The Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) will accelerate outreach, training and wireless broadband Internet sharing on the neighborhood level in Detroit. The program’s mission is to ensure that more Detroit residents have the ability to leverage online access and digital technology for social and economic development. Their Story DCTP grew out of Allied...
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Google announces it will build Toronto’s neighbourhood of the future

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is officially building a futuristic mini-city along a 12-acre section of Toronto's eastern waterfront. This is absolutely huge – for the city, for the country, and for the California-based tech giant in its quest to develop high-tech "smart cities" around the world. This will mark the biggest project tackled by Sidewalk Labs to date, according to Reuters, a...
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