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The Emergence of Facial Recognition Technology

The Emergence of Facial Recognition Technology Facial recognition has an image problem. In 2014, a Denver man was arrested for robbing two banks on the basis of surveillance video stills shown to acquaintances and his ex-wife. The case was dismissed, but the man was rearrested a year later — this time based on FBI facial recognition technology. The problem? The man who was arrested had a d...
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The Abandoned Cable Problem: State-of-the-Industry and Smart Solutions | Realcomm Advisory

The Abandoned Cable Problem: State-of-the-Industry and Smart Solutions Author: Realcomm Staff Writer The exponential growth in the amount of voice and data communications cabling presents challenges for airflow and space management in building risers and plenum spaces. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has declared that excessive cabling is also a fire safety hazard that creates an...
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Automotive Robots Step Out from Safety Barrier | Engineering360

Automotive Robots Step Out from Safety BarrierJohn Simpson29 November 2016 Human beings and robots are working side by side at the Smart Production Lab in Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant—a configuration made possible because the robots have been taught to show consideration for their co-workers.The robots grab and install transmission shafts and clutch rings—which is nothing out of the ordinary for a...
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Printable Medicine To End Animal Testing

A breakthrough in 3D, printable medicine has enabled engineers to create human 'organs' on a microchip, fully usable for testing against drugs and toxins. They are not actual organs, but, instead, a layer of six types of ink, all printed in a combination that causes the chip to react as if it were the actual organ.  They have, specifically, recreated Source: Printable Medicine To End Animal Testi...
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Health Risk: 5G Ultra-High Frequency Radiation Is Coming

The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation. And those who raise their voices against the danger to our health and our human rights to safety have been the subject of harassment, intimidation and attempts to silence them. 'Stay out of the way of technological development.' Source: Health Risk: 5G Ultra-High Frequen...
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Does IOT need Wireless? | Wade4Wireless

Hell yeah! Don’t get me wrong, you could use CAT 5 to connect most of this stuff, but the idea is to have the equipment everywhere and talking all the time, or at least when we need to. They need to be wireless controlled for it to work properly and to be autonomous. What fun would a drone be if you needed to have a copper line connected to it. The FCC laid out their plan to sunset copper lines. I...
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What will the IOT Wireless Protocols look like? | Wade4Wireless

The Internet of Things, IoT, is more than a buzz word, it is the way things are moving. When you hear of 5G they often talk of IoT and how everything will be connected. This is very exciting but the technology is already here. It is being tested and proven as we speak. So what should deployment teams be doing now? They should prepare to deploy!...  Source: What will the IOT Wireless Protocols l...
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