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Home Run Pro.com is your online, open source resource and marketplace geared to; Self-employed, IT Professionals and the customers that need their services such as;

  • Layer #1 (Inside Wiring/Cable Installations)
  • Layer #2 (Hardware Installations i.e. Modems, Switches, Routers, Cameras, Audio/Video…etc. )
  • Services Installation (Internet access & POT lines)
  • Smart Hands Technicians (General purpose installations)
  • Residential Technology Installations (Smart Home IT)
  • Trouble Calls


We are also a Technician Centric Organization; Our primary focus is the training and development of high-quality technicians to better serve our service buyers. We will utilize every resource available to instill into our technician members, the Soft-Skills and Technical Knowhow to tackle a wide range of IT projects.




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