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Is Blockchain A Lie? – Nouriel Roubini – Richard Heart

“Now that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have plummeted from last year’s absurdly high valuations, the techno-utopian mystique of so-called distributed-ledger technologies should be next. The promise to cure the world’s ills through “decentralization” was just a ruse to separate retail investors from their hard-earned real money.”

Source: The Big Blockchain Lie | by Nouriel Roubini


“Bloxpo 2018 – Panel with Swedish finance minister, member of parliament, Richard Heart & Ivan on Tech Richard Heart: Billionaire, blockchain thought leader, cryptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur,”
Time Stamps:
1:01 How should governments regulate new technology
4:34 Richards answer
6:45 How much are cryptocurrency’s on the government’s radar
9:39 Richard talks about the war on cash & Data
15:40 Richard talks about analog rights for the digital world
18:18 View on national cryptocurrencies like eKroner
20:02 Richards thoughts on national cryptocurrency
23:45 Richard: Government crypto not a good idea
26:00 Audience member asks a question about blockchain AID
29:00 Richard explains why blockchain cant work with the real world and only the digital world
30:31 Audience member question about business cryptocurrencies/ICO’s
34:42 Richard talks about Delaware

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