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Data Network Installation

Structured Network Cabling



For better or worse , we all rely heavily on technology to conduct business and pleasure…Cabling form the nerve center of your home or business. They are the neurons that connect machines to machines and by extension, people to people. To accomplish this high level of communication, it would be prudent to invest wisely in this infrastructure. Do Not allow just anyone to install your data networks. Over the years we have seen many examples of bad installation practices due to ignorance of the sensitivity of network cabling. Elector Magnetic Interference (EMI), Exceeding tensile specifications when pulling and poor termination practices just to name a few…We specializes in the installation, repair and trouble shooting of communications infrastructure in your home or business.


Hardware installation


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Whether you have large corporate offices, A retail store or just a small home office, chances are you rely heavily on the technologies used to run your business. Personal computers, Wireless devices, Telephones (VoIP and POTs), Printers and Scanners just to name a few form the basics of your IT infrastructure. Not to mention Security Cameras and Sensors. All these products and services need to be hooked up and working right for your business or home to function smoothly. So, if you need end to end installation or just one or two products installed…You need an Expert…You need a Technologist…You need Home Run Installations!


We are your trusted source for Orbcomm and Startrak Asset management Installations


RT6000, PT6000 and GT1100

  • Capture real-time refrigerated trailer operational data
    including trailer temperature, operational condition and GPS positioning
  • Deliver a broad range of refrigeration unit events, alarms and status, including temperature set point, on/off state, location, temperatures, fuel levels, and microprocessor controller alarms.
  • Timely and comprehensive temperature, fuel management, maintenance, and logistical applications services to help carriers operate more
    effectively and efficiently.


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