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The Consumer Electronics Association
TechHome® Rating System Guidelines
The TechHome Rating System (THRS) is a powerful new nationally-recognized build-to specification for residential technology infrastructure. THRS explains at a glance the level of technology infrastructure—also known as structured wiring—that is present, or could be installed, in a home.
A core goal of TechHome and the THRS is to further enhance the perceived value of the homes, while removing the complexity, difficulties and frustrations builders and homeowners have experienced in the past when adding home technology to their offerings and help Electronic System Contractors (ESC) build more productive and solid relationships with builders
A TechHome Rating can be achieved at three levels:

  • Bronze, which provides the basic technology infrastructure needed in today’s homes, such the distribution of TV and video signal to multiple rooms and networking and communications capability;
  • Gold, expands to more rooms and adds advanced functionality, such as a multi-room audio distribution system for listening to music in rooms throughout the house; or
  • Platinum, the top ranking, further enhances functionality by including a home office space with full networking and communications for workstyle as well as lifestyle convenience.
    Also, each provides requirements for Safety and Security, Lighting Control and complete Home Control.

Download the PDF to learn more:  TechHomeRatingSystem





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