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Voice Network Installation

Fax lines, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTs) and Voice Over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems

Installation of all wiring and terminations necessary for the transmission of voice throughout your home or business. Traditionally, CAT5 or CAT6 are pulled to the desired location and terminated on an RJ45 data jack for VoIP or RJ11 jack for plain old telephone lines (POT). The other ends of said CAT5 or CAT6 cables are terminated at a centralized location commonly known as your network closet, IDF or a demarcation point.

Hardware Installation and Cross Connects

20160118_161549-COLLAGE(2)structured-cabling-systemsVoIP Phone

We also install all the necessary Hardware such as; Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, PBX phones, Plain Old Telephone Service (POT) phones and the necessary hardware such as switches and routers.


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