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Auto Range True RMS Digital Multimeter

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  • Auto Range True RMS Digital Multimeter BSIDE ADM62/66 DC/AC Ammeter Car Voltmeter Voltage Indicator Better than mastech MS8239C
  • Operating Mode: Auto Range
  • Measuring Resistance Range: 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60M
  • Measuring Inductance Range: N/A
  • Dimensions: 139*83*36mm
  • DC Current: 200uA/2000uA/20mA/200mA/10A
  • DC Voltage: 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Brand Name: BSIDE
  • Model Number: ADM62/ADM66
  • Measuring Capacitance Range: 9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF/9.999mF/99.
  • AC Voltage: 60mV/600mV/6V/60V/600V
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ℃
  • Display Type: Digital Display
  • AC Current: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA/10A
  • Diode: Yes
  • Continuity: Yes
  • Data hold: Yes
  • Back light: Yes
  • MAX: Yes
  • Frequency: Yes
  • Temperature: Yes
  • V~Alert(NCV): Yes
  • Low battery indication: Yes

BSIDE ADM62 Portable Digital Multimeter(2000 conuts)


BSIDE ADM66 Portable Digital Multimeter(6000 conuts)

ADM66 has Frequency/Capacitance/Temperature test function, ADM62 does not have.




  • 【Unique Dual Test Lead Slot Design】: Dual side probe holder design, the probe can be fixed in holder for single-hand measurement, or the probe tip is hidden in the holder to prevent being hurt, safe to carry and storage.
  • 【Multi-Functions】: This 6000 counts true RMS auto-ranging multimeter can measure temperature, capacitance, diode, continuity, V-alert (non-contact AC voltage), frequency, duty cycle, AC/ DC current, AC/DC voltage, etc.
  • 【Protective Case】: It features a protective case for protection against shocks, friction and bumps. This case is detachable and easy to replace.
  • 【2 Fuses】: 2 fused fuses (10A Max, 600mA Max) design, double safety protection.
  • 【Double Insulation Probe】: The probes are double insulated and 10A maximum, which conforms to the CAT III 600V safety standard.
  • Large LCD with backlight for simple reading
  • Auto range, data hold, Auto power off, polarity and low battery indication
  • Widely reserved in schools, automotive maintenance, factories, etc. Ideal for home users, maintenance enthusiasts, electricians and technicians


Specifications(BSIDE ADM62):

Max Dispaly: 2000 conuts

DC Current: 200uA/2000uA/20mA/200mA, 0.1uA/1uA/0.01mA/0.1mA±(1.0%+5); 10A,0.01A±(2.0%+5)

AC Current: 200uA/2000uA/20mA/200mA, 0.1uA/1uA/10uA/100uA±(1.0%+5); 10A,10mA±(3.0%+5)

DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V, 0.1mV/0.001V/0.01V/0.1V±(0.5%+2); 600V,1V±(0.5%+5)

AC Voltage: 2V/20V/200V, 0.001V/0.01V/0.1V±(1%+3); 600V,1V±(1.2%+3)

Resistance: 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ, 0.1Ω/0.001kΩ/0.01kΩ/0.1kΩ/0.001MΩ±(0.8%+2); 20MΩ,0.1MΩ±(1%+2)

Continuity: If the resistance is less 30Ω, the continuity beeper sounds


Specifications(BSIDE ADM66):

Max Dispaly: 6000 counts

DC Current: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA ±(1.0%+5); 10A ±(2.0%+5)

AC Current: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA ±(1.5%+5); 10A ±(3.0%+5)

DC Voltage: 60mV/600mV ±(1.0%+3); 6V/60V/600V ±(0.5%+5)

AC Voltage: 60mV/600mV ±(1.2%+3); 6V/60V ±(1.2%+5); 600V ±(1.5%+5)

Resistance: 600Ω/6kΩ/60kΩ/600kΩ/6MΩ ±(0.8%+5); 60MΩ ±(1.5%+5)

Capacitance: 9.999nF/99.99nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF ±(3.0%+3); 9.999mF/99.99mF ±(4.0%+5)

Frequency(V/Current): 60Hz/600Hz/6kHz/10kHz ±(2.0%+5)

Frequency(Hz): 99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999kHz/99.99kHz/999.9kHz/9.999MHz/99.99M ±(2.0%+5)

Temperature: -30℃-0℃(-22℉-32℉) ±(5.0%+3); 0℃-400℃(32℉-752℉) ±(1.0%+3); 400℃-1000℃(752℉-1832℉) ±(2.0%+2)


Package Included:

1 * Digital Multimeter

1 * K-Type Thermometer Probe

1 * Test Lead

1 * User Manual

Power: 1.5V (AAA) * 2(Not Included)

Size: 139*83*36mm

Weight: 160g



The batteries are not included in the package due to Aviation Security Check. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.





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