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EMFs are electromagnetic fields—invisible lines of force that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, to which negative symptoms are attributed by the victims.
Claims are characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms, “sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations. nausea, joint pain, swelling of the face, neck, eye problems, rashes, and cancer.”

Whether or not the symptoms are caused by EMF is disputed by some. But the fact Still Remains EMF radiation is increasing exponentially year-by-year. And these waves are definitely interacting with our bodies… I for one would rather err on the side of caution, plus, they look really cool.


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Specially woven fabric containing corrosion resistant, micro-fine stainless steel fibers and provides >97% RF shielding! Long sleeves, knee length, single weight (no lining). 60% cotton, 10% polyester, 30% stainless steel fibers. Button front, solid back, some styles come with a pencil pocket on the left upper arm. Machine washable, hang dry. Can be ironed.

Usage:Utility & Safety

Material: Cotton, Microfiber

Feature: Quick Dry, Cleanroom Garments

Fabric Type: Knitted

Size Charts:

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Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 cm

Women's – SM, Women's – M, Men's –
M, Women's – L, Men's – L, Women's – XL, Men's –
XL, Women's – XXL, Men's – XXL, Women's – XXXL, Men's – XXXL


Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Beige


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