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ST327 PDA Pro Telecom Network Tester

$ 1,195.95

“Give me the right tool and I can do anything.” Well…this tool is a step in the right direction. The ST327 Telecom Network tester is a PDA designed to meet the requirements of the field service telecom/IT professional. Gone are the days of hauling around several different pieces of equipment: Cell phone, LapTop, Meters, Cable Testers, DLS Circuit Testers, Telephone Butt Set, Ethernet ports for static IP assignments and the list goes on…
THIS ALL IN ONE MULTI TOOL…Saves you $$$$$$!!!
The ST327 functions including xDSL test, LAN test, optical power test, visual fault locator, cable tracing, IPTV, DMM test and landline telephone test. The ST327 PDA can also test many kinds of connecting modes, including XDSL, LAN and Optical fiber. It can not only emulate the user’s PC but also test broadband IP circuits through user’s Modem to emulate PPPoE DSL circuits; Moreover, it can also test the connectivity of broadband IP networks and the problem with user’s Modems or eliminates problems caused by user’s PC malfunctions.
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  • The ST327 Tester is a Broadband Telecom operation and maintenance management tool ideal for on-site field service IT professionals.
  • It has all functions of ADSL/VDSL through RJ11 port, Including Speed test, PING test, Modem emulation, PPPoE dial, DMM test(AC/VC Voltage, Capacitance, Loop Resistance, Insulation Resistance).
  • other test functions like an Optical power meter, Visual fault locator, Check line sequence, Cable tracking, IPTV test and PON emulation.
  • Telecom operators have their own professional software(Application ,APP) such as; ERP, WFMS (Work Force Management Systems)…These applications can also be installed on the ST327.
  • Based on Android system, so it has all functions of a Mobile phone. Like Calling, SMS,3G/4G network, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, 8?pixCamera,8200mAh polymer battery and 5 inches Capacitive screen.
  • LAN Port can do VLAN, HLOG setting and many other functions of a personal PC.
  • Android system is an open system, download any software from Google Play and install it. Easy operation, fast response, user-friendly interface.



Fast processor

  • CPU is MSM8625 Q and the system adopts Android 4.4 operation system.

Rugged construction for Field use

  • Durable and long lifespan design, It can resist multiple dropping impacts from 1.2 meters high also has good water resistance…But we don’t recommend going swimming with it.

High Visibility 5-inch LCD Screen

  • 5inch vertical screen LCD, 720×1280 high resolution, pressure sensitive touch screen and semi-permeable TFT IPS LCD readable display, Non-glare technology makes working in direct sunlight less of a struggle.

Large Storage capacity and extensible

  • TF card supports 32G cards…

Advanced battery design for long endurance

  • lithium battery capacity of 8200 mAh and low-power design. Your operation times may exceed 48 hours under routine operation.

Multi-functional module integration

  • The built-in fixed network test module can do ADSL/VDSL test, LAN test and Modem emulation.
  • 8 million pixels postposition camera makes the image data collection convenient.
  • Support Telecom TDD-LTE B41;
  • Support Telecom FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7; CDMA 800MHz; GSM B2/B3/B8;
  • Support Unicom TDD-LTE B40/B41;
  • Support Unicom FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7; WCDAM B1/B2/B5;GSM B2/B3/B8;
  • Support 1D CCD barcode scan


Smart Phone Functions

  • Dialing call and answer
  • Message
  • Video and Camera
  • Call Records
  • Alarm Clock
  • Calendar
  • Setting
  • Address Book
  • Digital Album
  • File Management
  • Calculator
  • Notepad
  • Media Player
  • Recorder
  • Flashlight

Test Function – xDSL Test

  • Physical Layer Info.
  • Net Card
  • PPPoE-Modem Emulation
  • FTP Client
  • Network Layer Test
  • Static/DHCP IPs settings
  • Modem Emulation
  • PING
  • ADSL2 -XDSL/-ADSL Network Tester


Main Specifications

General Specifications
Display screen 720X1280TFT, true color LCD, touchscreen
Operation system built-in Android 4.4 operation system
System MSM8625 Q, RAM 1G bytes, Flash 8G bytes(3G for ROM and 5G for storage), supports TF memory card(The biggest capacity is 32G)
Wireless Protocol Model no. FDD/TDD/WCDMA/EVDO/CDMA/GSM
Unicom/Telecom ST327
Power Supply Rechargeable 3.8V 8200mAh polymer battery and the max power is 3W.
Camera 8 million pixels post position camera and support autofocus and flash function.
Dimension 181mm*87mm*45mm
Weight 550g
xDSL Index
ADSL2+ Module
 Standards ITU G.994.1 (G.hs), ITU G.992.5, ITU G.992.5 Annex L. The max distance which can be connected is 6.5km. Be compatible with ADSL, ADSL2 and READSL.
Attenuation: 0~63.5dB
Noise Margin 0~32dB
Upstream Channel Rate (interweaved / fast mode) 0~1.2Mbps
Downstream Channel Rate (interweaved / fast mode) 0~24Mbps
The modulating bits in the DMT sub-channel 0~15 and each sub-channels’ frequency points
The number of error codes CRC, HEC, FEC, NCD, OCD
VDSL2 Module
Standards ITU G.993.2(VDSL2).Be compatible with ADSL2+, ADSL standard.
DSL line transmission parameter


DSL line attenuation

DSL line noise margin

DSL line up channel speed (Inter/Fast mode)0-100M

DSL line down channel speed(Inter/Fast rate)0-100M

DSL line up/down maximum rate and capacity ratio 0-100M

DMT subchannel bit number:0~15, and each subchannel frequency points

DSL line error number (CRC, HEC, FEC, LCD, OCD)

DSL line local output power

State display: signal loss, connection close.

DSLAM information

Error Code Secon

Impulse Noise Protection (INP)

3) Support profiles: Profile 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a
Optical Power Index
Wavelength range(nm) 800~1700
Photosensing material InGaAs
Power test range(dBm) -70~+10 or -50~+26
Error range ±5%
Display distinguishability Linear display: 0.1%;

logarithmic display: 0.01 dBm

 Adapters FC, ST, SC
VFL Index
Wavelength 650nm±20nm
Output power 1mw/3mw/5mw/10mw (optional)
Connector 2.5mm universal adapter(SC, FC, ST)
Working mode CW or 2Hz modulation
Applicable fiber SM / MM


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