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People Counter system

The use of people counting systems in the retail environment is necessary to calculate the conversion rate, for example, the percentage of a store’s visitors that makes purchases. This is the key performance indicator of a store’s performance and is superior to traditional methods, which only take into account sales data. Together, traffic counts and conversion rates how a store arrived at sales, for example, if year-over-year sales are down, did fewer people visit the store, or did fewer people buy? A video counting system/People counter can offer valuable data to help address these questions.

How It Works:
Retail Installation of a People Counter systemTwo video cameras create stereo vision/depth of field which ades with perceiving differences between object such as strollers, Pets and most importantly people.
Computer vision carries out its processes inside an embedded device.
This reduces network bandwidth requirements as only the counting data has to be sent over the network. Robust and adaptive algorithms has been developed to provide excellent counting accuracy for both outdoor and indoor counting using computer vision. Multilayer Background Subtraction, based on colour and texture,
is considered the most robust algorithm available for varying shadows and lighting conditions. With the advances in image processing, video count can achieve 90-95% in various lighting environments. The use of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition functions can further enhance its accuracy.

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