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The Equitable Internet Initiative

What is E.I.I?

The Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) will accelerate outreach, training and wireless broadband Internet sharing on the neighborhood level in Detroit. The program’s mission is to ensure that more Detroit residents have the ability to leverage online access and digital technology for social and economic development.

Their Story

DCTP grew out of Allied Media Projects’ (AMP) nine year track record of digital media education and community technology building in Detroit.
In 2012, Allied Media Projects partnered with the Open Technology Institute of the New America Foundation to create the Digital Stewards Program, which trains neighborhood leaders in designing and deploying community wireless networks with a commitment to the Detroit Digital Justice Principles, emphasizing access, participation, common ownership, and healthy communities.
The following year, three community wireless networks were built and prototyped in five Detroit neighborhoods. To date, DCTP has implemented the Digital Stewards training with leaders from seven Detroit neighborhoods and has supported 11 community groups internationally to adopt and modify the training for their own contexts.

The Digital Stewards Program led to the formation of the Detroit Community Technology Project in 2014. DCTP was developed to encompass broader community technology education and organizing work and to share best practices.




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