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Why We Should Be Very Concerned about The IoT Future and AI

The internet of things (IoT)/AI can be very good for the world, But, The world has been and still is ran by criminals. Fact is; We can’t trust them to do whats right when no one is looking. The only way to solve this dilemma is; “Change yourself and the world will change.” If we don’t rebuild from the inside out things will only get worse…#RaiseYourDjed

Create a new type of computer that can proactively interpret and learn from data, solve unfamiliar problems using what it has learned, and operate with the energy efficiency of the human brain…. 


Carbon Nanotubes Bones

A new discovery by a team in Japan, who found that carbon nanotubes (CNTs), one-atom-thick layers of carbon rolled into hollow cylinders, could help speed up the process of healing bones. The researchers found that placing CNTs in contact with damaged bones in mice helps to regenerate bone tissue and reduce inflammation during healing. Measurements made during the formation of new bone material revealed that the CNTs become integrated into the bone matrix itself, acting as a starting point for new bone tissue to begin to grow.

Human-Like Robot

Imagine seeing this walking down the street 😲🤖

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